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True, not Basic Income Addressing Inequitable Wealth Distribution

Christopher Houghton Budd

Publication: 2021

Price: £5.00

It was in 1905 that Rudolf Steiner first observed that the idea of economic exploitation of man-by-man or class-by-class was a mistake. The true form of economic exploitation, practised by everyone, is when one does not pay the true price for things, meaning funding future activity. It is our endemic under-pricing (and therefore undervaluing) that causes today’s chronic and generalised debt levels. Salving this situation by basic income schemes of any kind does not address this malaise, but serves only to make us economically state-dependent – a humanity of quasi civil servants, whose lives continue to be subject to subsistence economics and lack of capital. To help us see through the illusionary, not to say delusionary, nature of basic income is the aim of this book.

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