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Towards Christmas 2023 Renewing our Covenant with Rudolf Steiner

Christopher Houghton Budd

Publication: 2021

Price: £12.50

At Christmas 1923, Rudolf Steiner instituted the General Anthroposophical Society as the home of the School of Spiritual Science. Through the work of the School’s Sections, under-girded by the inner work of its members, the aim of the Society was to be a body for this School, enabling it to work into the cultural life of our times, bringing renewed vigour to all aspects of human life. Where the ground of natural science ran out, as it were, spiritual science would take over, giving civilisation a new lease of life.

Whether in the formal sense outlined by Rudolf Steiner or in many less formal ways, ever since people all over the world have sought to join him in this deed. By entering into a covenant with him, a great deal has been accomplished. For those familiar with Rom Landau’s ‘God is my Adventure’ in the 1930s, it would be interesting to look again, as he did, at how the Anthroposophical Movement has developed. Unlike many such movements, it has made far-reaching practical contributions, from medicine to monetary economics, from education to the environment, from agriculture to ageing with dignity.

But there have been vicissitudes and challenges aplenty. Not only from those who are not appreciative of Steiner’s work, but also among those who champion him. And all the while there has been the question of how to finance such a movement.

Today, the Anthroposophical Movement stands in need of renewing its resolves, of renewing its covenant with Rudolf Steiner. In this book, a long historical look is taken as the basis for outlining how by Christmas 2023 – the 100 anniversary of the refounded Anthroposophical Society – the ‘one to watch’ will be whether the Society can provide the basis for furthering the work of the Sections of the School to the degree that their work warrants, and so that they are financially buoyant. If ‘good will’ means anything in finance, this is perhaps the best example. It will take immense good will on the part of those who make up the Anthroposophical Movement to ensure that Rudolf Steiner’s legacy is not beggared by circumstance. As above, so below. Buoyant finances are the outer sign of a buoyant spirit.

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