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The Deed of Rudolf Steiner Sociological Masterpiece / Economic Testament

Christopher Houghton Budd

Publication: 2019

ISBN: 978 0 948229 38 1

Price: £10.00

When in 1923 Rudolf Steiner assumed the presidency of the Anthroposophical Society, he broke with the tradition that initiates did not connect themselves to earthly organisations. In doing so, Rudolf Steiner did not invalidate the purpose of that tradition, nor did he compromise himself. Instead, he gave the relationship between esoteric and exoteric life a new, modern meaning. Inevitably, controversy and confusion have gathered about that event – known as The Deed of Rudolf Steiner. Resolving the many issues that so complicated a karmic circumstance entails is difficult enough, but in this case the problem has been aggravated by a lack in the development of an integral but little recognised aspect of that deed, its economic counterpart. This publication draws attention to this crucial element. It is a personal view, but one that was originally many years in gestation before its initial formulation in 1979. It has since been reviewed many times and in this edition, it includes supporting material in tribute to Jörgen Smit.

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