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Steiner, Dunlop and Keynes

Brothers in World Economy

Christopher Houghton Budd

Publication: 2022 / 239pp / PB colour

ISBN-10: 0 948229 90 X / ISBN-13: 978 0 948229 90 9

Price: £20.00

Modern economic life is fraught with crises of all kinds, both real and financial. The reasons are many, but chief among them is the fact that, already at the start of the twentieth century, economic life had gone global, but we continued to understand and conduct it as if it were a collection of countries. Moreover, the paradigm was, and continues to be, that the different nations should compete and that at any point in time one of them will be the ‘top dog’, expected or assuming itself required to be the primary or motor economy for the rest. This was the role of sterling, until it became displaced by the US dollar. Nowadays, not national currency, not even the once-mighty dollar, can serve as a world reserve currency. We need urgently to understand that the world is one economy, not several, and that its money has become bookkeeping (instead of gold- or fiat-based), and that the modality needs to be one of cooperating or, as described here, associating. We need also to recognise that, although the architects of such an economy, Rudolf Steiner, Daniel Dunlop and John Maynard Keynes, have all been and gone, for those minded to give concrete expression to the world as one shared economy, there is little that these great minds have not already deliberated on.

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