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Pondering Finance Scouting out a New Future

Christopher Houghton Budd

Publication: 2021

Price: £17.50

To ponder something is to dwell long and hard on its meaning in the hope that the matter will yield its secrets before one rushes to premature judgement about it. That, at any rate, is the challenge of this book – to get to grips with modern finance. Not only technically and avoiding disdain, but thereby recognising and indeed rediscovering its deeper, even sacred, meaning and purpose. The author having spent his lifetime in entrepreneurial activity, and so having to keep his own accounts, raise funds, and maintain positive cash flow, the texts have substantial practical experience behind them. Neither ivory tower contemplations nor blind acceptances of conventional financial wisdom, their aim is to scout out how the future of finance might yet unfold once its external façade has been transcended, and once a critical stance has given rise to concrete policy.

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