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Of Wheat and Gold Thoughts on the Nature and Future of Money

Christopher Houghton Budd

Publication: 1996 (1988)

ISBN: 978 0 948229 01 5

Price: £7.50

Is it possible to conceive a form of money that both conforms to ancient principles of sound husbandry and meets the demands of today’s economic life? A form of money that, being true and non-usurious, would remove the basic inequity that underlies so many of the social problems of our time? Of Wheat and Gold is intended to contribute to this search for monetary reform. Unlikely many treatises that assume a divergence between the cereal standards of old and the gold standard of more recent times, this book suggests the two can be used in combination. It shows how such money can be envisaged and outlines how it could be denominated and administered. It also considers how practically a start could be made with its introduction.