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1919, Reparations and All That Revisiting Anglo-American Dominion

Christopher Houghton Budd

Publication: 2021

Price: £12.50

1919 represents the pivot of modern history, the moment when humanity began to create its own world out of its future and no longer out of past stories and the mores of before. At that time, too, the world needed to embrace the conditions of a one-world economy, largely consequent on the British Empire as it reached its culmination. (For it is not given to ay one people or country to own the world.) Then, what ‘should’ have happened was that empires gave way to a choir of peoples, and economic prowess resolved itself into commonwealth, all in a spirit of individual freedom and mutual respect. Instead, the opposite happened. Nationalism renewed itself but without historical validity; the world became divided into two camps; and England lost her way. This book considers how things might have happened differently. And could yet do so.

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