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3x3x3 A Study of Rudolf Steiner’s Economics Course

Christopher Houghton Budd

Publication: 2021

ISBN: 978 0 948229 74 9

Price: £7.50

Conducted in three sessions at three weekly intervals over three terms, this study considers Rudolf Steiner’s Economics Course as a whole in order to further our understanding of its deeper purpose and current-day relevance. The study was mindful of the need in Steiner’s view, expressed in late 1919, that with the promulgation of the Treaty of Versailles world historic responsibility passed to the Anglo-American peoples. Ever since, in both theory and practice, the Anglo-Saxon approach has dominated economic affairs, so that any endeavour to bring Steiner’s ideas into modern debates must address this problem, showing how his ideas can lead even the Anglo-Saxon mind, with its strong bias towards individualism and separateness, into a landscape more appropriate to today’s conditions of a single global economic life, conditions that call for partnership, synergy and working together. This, rather than everyone for oneself, is the natural outcome of today’s extensive degree of division of labour.

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