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21 Policies For the 21st Century

Christopher Houghton Budd and Arthur Edwards

Publication: 2019

ISBN: 978 0 948229 42 8

Price: £7.50

This publication presents 21 policies for the 21st century, framed in terms of associative economics. They are written for the lay as well as the professional reader, for the naïve (as regards economics) and the informed. Quite what is meant by ‘associative economics’ is left for the reader to assess after reading the policies through. The first seven are overarching, culminating in a focus on youth. The second seven, touch on the way economic life would need to be shaped, especially if the economy is to be a fit for the initiative of young people on whom so much depends. The last seven are linked more closely to the will and to being able to affect the macro situation from a micro example.

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