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Beyond the Market Economics for the 21st Century

Gaudenz Assenza

Publication: 1994 (1992)

ISBN: 978 0 948229 15 2

Price: £7.50

Market economics has been largely contradicted by the development of economic life in this century. Particularly in the West, where the market is supposed to rule, economic life has become intimately bound up with the state, making a mockery of the idea of the free play of market forces. On the other hand, when market forces do prevail it is often at great, and unacceptable, environmental and social cost. This book looks beyond the economics of capitalism and communism to explore what can be derived from recognition of the economic process as such. The wisdom inherent in this process, translated into equitable economic conduct, can provide the resource sustainability and service to humanity as a whole that most people today seem to want.

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