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Three Kinds of Money

Rudolf Steiner and the Development of Monetary Economics

Arthur Edwards

Publication: 2021 / 259pp / PB b&w

ISBN-10: 0 948229 59 4 / ISBN-13: 978 0 948229 59 6

Price: £15.00

This book is a tour de force. Its sweep not only includes a concise rendering of Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to monetary economics, but reviews all main schools of thought., both ancient and modern, some very old chestnuts and some recent graspings at air. Under Edwards’s pen, the synthetic effect of Steiner’s analysis gives a place to every school of thought, yet denies any of them supremacy. Edwards is both perceptive and insightful, too much so for those who dare not loosen their grip on long-held tenets long held to be true. And yet their precious concerns would be all the more so if they would just relax their grasp. A circle is made up of numerous points; just so, Edwards gives the impression that from an associative point of view, every theory has its part to play in the larger whole of modern, i.e. global, economic life.

Edwards’s sweep is also deep. This book is not for the faint-hearted, but it is for those who want to save themselves the trouble of encyclopaedic research. This is a survey that can be relied upon. It is fair to add that the work as a whole is infused by the author’s education in the classics and his fine sense for the English language.

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